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'It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn't matter who gets the credit'

Mission SOUL’s objective is to promote an alternative cultural and productive experience for the local youth allowing them to reach their full potential as responsible members of the community. This will be achieved by providing a mechanism for extra curricular activities, providing them with exposure and experiences. SOUL will take a two-pronged approach introducing gradually, more sophisticated and advanced strategies to promote constructive and safe leisure activities, education and career projects. Through SOUL’s leisure activities the organisation seeks to introduce concepts of teamwork, commitment, healthy living, and respect for peers. The organisation is proposing to establish a whole spectrum of leisure initiatives incorporating activities which the youth can partake, developing transferable skills that will help them throughout the course of their life. SOUL’s education and career projects seek to nurture and develop the skills which the youth will require in their education and working lives. The organisation will develop strong links with the local schools and other educational institutions and also develop a network of professional partners. Through these relationships SOUL will provide insightful and useful experiences to the youth. Company Overview SOUL have Football teams competing nationally and internationally. We have developed football teams who are competing in local leagues, for 7 different groups across the borough. We have also formed 5 football teams in the Bromley by Bow area. The teams are managed and coached on a weekly basis by local volunteers and helpers. History Social Organisation for Unity and Leisure (SOUL) came into existence to cater for the needs of the local youth in Tower Hamlets area. The organisation was initially set up by a group of young adults who were familiar with the many hurdles and adverse influences faced by the youth of this area.This community is recognised as being amongst the most socially disadvantaged, with some of the highest recorded incidences of drug abuse, anti social behaviour and gang warfare. Many youth in this area see a future for themselves in an illusionary ‘Fast’ Culture which involves the ideas of fast money, fast cars and fast food. This has seen the community turn out to be an arena for drugs, petty crime, and gang culture. For most buying and selling illegal substances has become a popular ‘occupation’ often financed through other crimes. A more acceptable past time of the youth and adults of this community is playing football. This sport is pursued and followed almost religiously by a high proportion of this community. Despite this, very few individuals from the community have entered the professional football arena. Recognising this fact SOUL launched its football project in the borough… The organisation has built relationships with professional clubs such as Arsenal, and our teams have played the Arsenal Academy squad. A noted achievement of our youngsters was when they beat the Arsenal Academy at the Academy’s home turf! It is our mission to increase this percentage dramatically over the next few years as we progress further.

In recent years we have been on many international tours including Dana cup in Denmark 2011 and 2012 and also Gothia cup Sweden. We have also won the Great Yarmouth Soccer challenge 2013 in 2 different age groups.

Home Kit Top : Yellow/black , Shorts : Black , Socks : Black
Away Kit Top : Red , Shorts : Black , Socks : Black
Manager Shipon Miah
Mobile: 07983418317
Secretary Mohammed Hussain Ahmed
Mobile: 07985228839
Asst. Manager Parves
Mobile: 07568398422
Asst. Manager Mohammed Iqbal Morshed
Mobile: 07950530145
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